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Slate Roofing

At Finnell Roofing, LLC, we Specialize in:

Slate Repair * Valleys * Snow Belts
Ridge Caps * Gutter Work

Chimney Flashing: Aluminum, Copper, Steel

About Slate Roofing

Slate is available for todayís homes in many subtle shades, sizes and varying thickness. Slate has developed itís own style and patterns, dictated by the material itself the look is always correct. Slate has remained a roofing standard for centuries and so have some slate roofs!

A "Standard" slate roof is composed of slate approximately 3/16" thick. The pieces are of one uniform standard length and width and are cut with a square tail (or butt) which is then laid to uniform horizontal lines.

If desired, the tail may be cut to a hexagon or diamond pattern that lends a Gothic appearance to all or part of the roof (if a turret or steeple has been selected).

Slate Color

The color of Slate is determined by the chemical and mineralogical composition of the stone being quarried. Since these factors differ in various localities, it is possible to obtain slate roofing material in a variety of colors and shades.

All slate will weather to a degree and after time will show a slight surface difference in the color tones. When the change is minute, the color is classified as permanent or "unfading". If the final results are more evident, the colors are classified as "weathering".


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